Condominium, Townhouse & Multi-Family Dwelling Insurance

Condominium Owner’s Insurance

Whether you own a condominium in La Jolla or a townhome in Folsom, your individual insurance needs are different than the typical homeowner of a single family residence. Although most standard homeowner association’s fees cover the maintenance of common areas, upkeep of the pool/spa, etc., your association typically does not cover personal property within your own unit or your liability if someone is injured in your property.

California condominium owner’s insurance can protect against losses to your personal property or liability.

Condominium insurance, also known as HO-6 coverage, helps protect you and your belongings where condo associations do not.

We will be happy to provide guidance in helping you evaluate adequate liability and contents coverage.

We can explain additional coverage such as loss assessment or additions and alterations coverage which are sometimes required by the mortgage and available through Schmidt Brothers.

Make Sure You’re Covered

If you own a condominium unit or townhome your homeowner association and you share responsibilities for insuring the property. Put simply, you are responsible for insuring from the walls in. The homeowner association is responsible for insuring the building and property in which your unit is located. If you or the prior owner has upgraded the unit from the original “base construction”, you can purchase coverage to protect those upgrades.

To be adequately covered, YOU must insure your contents and any upgrades to the residence over the standard unit as originally offered. This could include upgrades to cabinets, flooring, plumbing fixtures, appliances and wall coverings. YOU are liable for damage or injuries which occur within your unit. Condominium insurance policies help protect your unscheduled personal property and the interior of your unit. You will also have liability protection for bodily injury to others if you purchase a California condo policy from Schmidt Brothers Insurance.

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